This project hosted at the School of Global Policy and Strategy (co-led by Profs Davidson and Garg) will look at the global trade in clean energy technologies with a focus on the China-India bilateral relationship. Trade can help spur climate mitigation but is also a source of geopolitical tension due to who controls supply chains. Data sources on these topics vary widely (e.g., firm, location, product) and are incomplete, necessitating significant data triangulation and validation. The researcher or researchers will assist with the following tasks: 1) estimating the volume of trade between the two countries in clean energy sectors; 2) establishing a database of import tariffs/quotas, local content requirements, domestic manufacturing subsidies, and technology sharing restrictions in both countries; and 3) understanding explicit or implicit pricing of carbon and particulate matter emissions in trade.

Key Skills: Ability to work independently, attention to detail, and demonstrated data management skills. Experience with R (preferred) or Stata is required. Undergraduate preferred.

Note: this is only open to UCSD undergraduates.

To Apply: Complete the application on Handshake or by searching for posting 8241793.